History of the Fingal Valley Neighbourhood House History Group

The Fingal Valley Neighbourhood House History Group (History Group) started in a small way in 2016 when a cache of historical information was uncovered during renovations of the heritage building housing the Fingal Valley Neighbourhood House. This cache includes original and copies of photographs, documents, research notes, framed photos and objects of interest. All of these items cover a range of interest in the rich history of the Fingal Valley communities.

The collection of the St Patricks Head and Esk Valley Historical Society in St Marys was transferred into the FVNH’s Collection after the completion of the renovations.

Historic period/time period

The FVNH’s Collection covers from European settlement to the present day and ongoing.

Geographic area/region

The geographic spread of the FVNH’s Collection includes Fingal, Mangana, Mathinna, Rossarden, Storeys Creek, Avoca, Cornwall and St Marys.  

Physical items to be collected

The FVNH collects archives, objects, photographs and genealogical records. Large items will be considered on a case by case basis.


Access to the FVNH’s Collection is available by appointment. The photographic collection is being added on its Facebook profile as a way to increase access to the Collection.